Welcome to my blog!

This seems so crazy to me because I started all of this on a whim going into college and never thought that I would have my own website and blog two years ago. So I want to give you guys a little bit of background on me and how I came to where we are today. 

As you all know my name is Sabrina, more commonly referred to as Sab. I grew up in a suburb of Washington, DC and lived between Miami, Fl and DC my whole life. I grew up in a Persian family and celebrated all the Persian holidays and found a love for Persian food and cooking. I also grew to love DC, I love it so much I even decided to stay here for college and currently attend Georgetown University where I’m studying Psychology and Pre-Med in the hopes to one day become a doctor! 

Saaayyy whaatt!?? You’re studying science???? 

I know it’s a big shock when I tell people that because people think that science and fashion are two totally separate things, but hey I’m here to break stereotypes. I have a lot of different sides to me and I can’t wait to share them all with all of you. 

So a bit more on how this blog all started. 

While in high school my brother took a bunch of photography classes, but when he went to college he also left his photography hobby at home and all his camera with it. Me being 4 years younger, curious, and not knowing a thing about how to work a DSLR, picked up his Canon XSi and started playing around with it. I would take pictures of everything, my dog, my family, my friends, trees outside, you name it. I had never taken a photography class, and still have never taken a photography class. For me it was about what I was shooting and not how I was shooting it. I started posting my pictures on Instagram and saw that people were responding to my images. 

I got involved in a young photography community in DC, where we would critique each others work and eventually all would meet up to take pictures with each other. I know what you're thinking, you met up with strangers you didn’t know on the internet?? Yeah my mom was a bit skeptical too, but trust me I’m still alive today and these kids became some of my best friends. Now I’m not endorsing just meeting up with strange people, I knew people who knew them so in a way I knew they were real people, and I brought my boyfriend with me for backup in case anyone was sketchy. 

After a little while I found my photography “voice” and people started to notice. I was reposted by some huge photography feature accounts and my following kept growing. 

You guys can check out my portfolio here.

As I was going off to college I realized that my whole “photography friend group” was going to be spread out, I wouldn’t have the same amount of time I did in high school, and I was going to try and hard as I could to keep up my photography but I knew it might slip. All while I was stressing about my photography hobby fading away, I was keeping busy by helping friends pack for school and taking all my own stuff down to my Georgetown dorm. During one conversation with one of my best friends, she told me I had a knack for fashion and as I was packing up for college I realized that many things were going to be changing in my life, my photography friends were going to be spread all over the place, that I probably will be so busy with so many things I won’t be able to keep my head on my shoulders, but I was so ready for a new adventure. 

I knew I was going to school to study science, but I still wanted to keep my creative side with me as well. So many people in high school would compliment my style and would always ask for advice when shopping I thought to myself why don’t I start a fashion blog. I already had a pretty good following on Instagram, so I felt I had the perfect platform for it. I told all of my followers that I knew that they were mostly following me to see my photography, but it should mean the world to me if they continued on this fashion journey with me. Flash forward 2 years, we just hit 100k and now are starting a REAL BLOG! I am so thankful for my followers because without all of you I would not be where I am today. 

So now you ask what the purpose of this blog? I am still going to post my daily outfits and travels on my Instagram, but I will post here about all the trends I’m loving, extended stories about trips, travel guides, talk a bit about college life and what my lifestyle is like! I hope you all enjoy and continue to read along and support me!